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A closer look at date-fns

Published: 8. January 2018  •  Updated: 22. August 2019  •  javascript

A closer look at the date-fns date/time library. Compare it with Moment.js and look at a few examples.

A closer look at the Cache API

Published: 9. January 2018  •  pwa, javascript

Explore the provided methods of the Cache API that is primarily used in Service Workers to cache assets, but can be used anywhere as a general-purpose cache.

Custom SVG icons with Ionic

Published: 6. January 2018  •  Updated: 1. December 2018  •  ionic, ionic, javascript

How to use arbitrary SVG icons in Ionic

IndexedDB programming with Dexie.js

Published: 12. January 2018  •  database, javascript

In this blog post, I give you an overview of Dexie, a minimalistic wrapper library for IndexedDB. Write simpler and more concise IndexedDB code with Dexie.

Integrate Parcel into a Maven project

Published: 13. January 2018  •  Updated: 31. October 2021  •  java, javascript

An example project that integrates a front end JavaScript application with the Parcel bundler and a Spring Boot application built with Maven into one project and ultimately create one executable JAR.

Self-host Polyfill.io

Published: 15. January 2018  •  Updated: 2. February 2023  •  javascript, selfhost

A short tutorial on how to self-host Polyfill.io on Ubuntu

Sending Web push messages from Spring Boot to Browsers

Published: 9. January 2018  •  Updated: 7. December 2018  •  java, javascript, pwa, spring

In this blog post I show you how you can send push messages from a Spring Boot application over Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to connected clients with the Web Push API. The Push API is part of the Service Worker specification and does not depend on any native plugins.

Using Dexie.js in a TypeScript application

Published: 12. January 2018  •  Updated: 3. December 2018  •  database, javascript, ionic

In this blog post I present a way to use Dexie in a TypeScript application

Access Server-sent events from Java

Published: 26. February 2018  •  java

How to consume Server-sent events in a Java application.

Conditionally load polyfills

Published: 14. February 2018  •  javascript

Two examples of how you can conditionally load polyfills in a JavaScript application

Human readable regular expressions

Published: 27. February 2018  •  java, javascript

Writing human readable regular expressions with the VerbalExpression library

Real-Time Polling App with Java and JavaScript

Published: 28. February 2018  •  Updated: 31. October 2021  •  java, javascript

In this blog post, we create a simple polling application with Java and JavaScript and send real-time updates with server-sent events

Working with MongoDB Capped Collections from Java

Published: 4. February 2018  •  Updated: 5. February 2018  •  mongodb, java, database

A brief overview of capped collections in MongoDB and how to access them from Java

Working with MongoDB TTL Indexes from Java

Published: 5. February 2018  •  database, mongodb, java

A brief introduction to time to live indexes in MongoDB and how to access them from Java

Searching "Have I Been Pwned?" passwords locally with Java

Published: 1. March 2018  •  Updated: 11. March 2023  •  java

In this blog post, we're going to create Java applications that download and search the "Have I Been Pwned?" password list with over 840 million passwords.

Check for commonly used or compromised passwords

Published: 3. May 2018  •  java, javascript

In this blog post, I present four examples of how you can implement password checks for commonly used or compromised passwords.

OAuth 2.0 server-to-server authorization flow between a Java application and a Google service

Published: 1. May 2018  •  java

How a Java server application can complete the server-to-server OAuth 2.0 flow and access a Google service

A closer look at the Background Sync API

Published: 26. June 2018  •  pwa, javascript, java, spring, ionic

This blog post takes a closer look at the Background Sync API, part of the service worker implementation, and presents an example that uses Background Sync to synchronize data between an Ionic web application and a Spring Boot server application.

Backup to Amazon S3

Published: 10. June 2018  •  Updated: 4. February 2022  •  linux

How to install a backup job that runs daily and sends files to Amazon S3

Putty, a free Windows SSH client

Published: 10. June 2018  •  linux

A quick introduction to the free Windows SSH client Putty. How you can connect to an SSH server and how to set up public/private key authentication.

SparkleShare, a self-hosted GDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox alternative

Published: 12. June 2018  •  selfhost

In this tutorial, we look at SparkleShare, a self-hosted, instant and secure file synchronization service

Install a self-hosted Git server with Gitea

Published: 10. June 2018  •  Updated: 3. February 2022  •  selfhost

In this tutorial, I show you how to self-host a Git server with Gitea

Sending emails from your Linux server

Published: 16. June 2018  •  linux, selfhost

In this tutorial, I present two ways how to send emails from your self-hosted Linux server. A configuration with SSMTP that relies on a 3rd party mail server and an example with exim4, a self-hosted SMTP server.

First configuration steps on a new VPS Server

Published: 10. June 2018  •  linux, selfhost

A description of initial configuration steps after renting a new VPS server

Angular project with Workbox service worker

Published: 22. June 2018  •  Updated: 30. March 2020  •  pwa, javascript

This tutorial describes how to integrate a service worker written with the Workbox library, into an Angular application

TileServerGL, a self-hosted map tile server with OpenStreetMap data

Published: 10. July 2018  •  Updated: 1. February 2022  •  selfhost

In this article, I show you how to self-host TileServerGL, an open-source tile server

A closer look at the Beacon API

Published: 5. September 2018  •  javascript

The Beacon API in the browser can be used to transfer data to a server. Its primary use case is to send analytics data during the unload event of a web page. In this blog post, we're going to look at the API and create some examples that use the Beacon API to send data to a server.

BigInt, arbitrary precision integers in JavaScript

Published: 3. September 2018  •  javascript

A closer look at the ES2020 numeric primitive BigInt

Global error handler in Angular

Published: 5. October 2018  •  javascript

How to install a global error handler in an Angular application and send error reports to a back end. The blog post shows you how to collect error reports while the application is offline and send them to a back end as soon as the device is back online.

Text to speech with Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Published: 4. October 2018  •  java, javascript

Converting text from a web application into speech with Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Installing WireGuard on Amazon Lightsail

Published: 11. October 2018  •  linux

Installing WireGuard, a simple, fast, and modern VPN, on Amazon Lightsail virtual server and connect an Android mobile device.

Using the Background Sync API with the Angular service worker

Published: 9. December 2018  •  pwa, javascript, ionic

In this blog post, we look at a way to use the Background Sync API together with Angular's service worker. Or, in general, how to add custom service worker code to a generated Angular service worker.

Google Cloud Vision and Storage example with Ionic and Spring Boot

Published: 11. December 2018  •  java, spring, ionic, javascript

This blog post shows you a way to upload pictures from a web application to Google Cloud Storage and run them through Google Cloud Vision. The application uses Ionic for the front end and Spring Boot for the back end. It utilizes signed URLs for permitting the client to upload pictures directly from the web application to Google Cloud Storage

Self-host Bitwarden, an online Password manager

Published: 12. December 2018  •  selfhost

In this article, we're going to self-host Bitwarden, an open-source Password Management solution, and install it on an Ubuntu 20.04 server

Building a simple neural network with Java and JavaScript

Published: 23. December 2018  •  java, javascript

Creating a simple feedforward neural network in Java and JavaScript, based on the algorithms of Tariq Rashid's book "Make Your Own Neural Network"