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Using the Background Sync API with the Angular service worker

Published: December 09, 2018  •  pwa, javascript, ionic4

In this blog post we look at a way to use the Background Sync API together with Angular's service worker. Or in general how to add custom service worker code to a generated Angular service worker.

A closer look at the Background Sync API

Published: June 26, 2018  •  pwa, javascript, java, spring, ionic4

This blog post takes a closer look at the Background Sync API, part of the Service Worker implementation and presents an example that uses Background Sync to synchronize data between an Ionic 4 web application and a Spring Boot server application.

Adding a Workbox Service Worker to an Angular project

Published: June 22, 2018  •  Updated: April 03, 2019  •  pwa, javascript

A description how to add a Workbox Service Worker to an Angular project instead of using the Angular Service Worker

A closer look at the Cache API

Published: January 09, 2018  •  pwa, javascript

Explore the provided methods of the Cache API that is primarily used in Service Workers to cache assets, but can be used anywhere as a general purpose cache.

Sending Web push messages from Spring Boot to Browsers

Published: January 09, 2018  •  Updated: December 07, 2018  •  java, javascript, pwa, spring

In this blog post I show you how you can send push messages from a Spring Boot application over Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to connected clients with the Web Push API. The Push API is part of the Service Worker specification and does not depend on any native plugins.

Workbox with Ionic 3 and Lazy Loaded Modules

Published: December 17, 2017  •  Updated: April 17, 2018  •  ionic3, pwa

How to integrate the service worker library Workbox into an Ionic 3 app with lazy loaded modules

Ionic 3 with Workbox Service Worker

Published: November 05, 2017  •  Updated: April 22, 2018  •  pwa, ionic3, javascript

Creating Service Workers with Workbox for Ionic 3 applications