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Storing data with localStorage and Lockr

Published: 20. January 2017  •  Updated: 19. June 2017  •  database, javascript

Lovefield, a SQL database engine for the web

Published: 27. February 2017  •  Updated: 29. November 2018  •  database, ionic, javascript

A short introduction to Lovefield, a JavaScript SQL database engine. And how to build an Ionic app that uses Lovefield as database access layer.

A closer look at IndexedDB

Published: 12. September 2017  •  Updated: 30. October 2017  •  database, javascript

IndexedDB, the database in the browser. How does it work and what can you do with it.

Offline capable Ionic Web App with IndexedDB

Published: 15. September 2017  •  Updated: 3. December 2018  •  database, javascript, ionic

Example of an Ionic web application that stores data in an IndexedDB and works offline.

IndexedDB programming with Dexie.js

Published: 12. January 2018  •  database, javascript

In this blog post, I give you an overview of Dexie, a minimalistic wrapper library for IndexedDB. Write simpler and more concise IndexedDB code with Dexie.

Using Dexie.js in a TypeScript application

Published: 12. January 2018  •  Updated: 3. December 2018  •  database, javascript, ionic

In this blog post I present a way to use Dexie in a TypeScript application

Working with MongoDB Capped Collections from Java

Published: 4. February 2018  •  Updated: 5. February 2018  •  mongodb, java, database

A brief overview of capped collections in MongoDB and how to access them from Java

Working with MongoDB TTL Indexes from Java

Published: 5. February 2018  •  database, mongodb, java

A brief introduction to time to live indexes in MongoDB and how to access them from Java

Dexie.js live queries

Published: 22. January 2022  •  javascript, database, ionic

In this blog post, I will show you an example of the new live query feature in Dexie.js 3.2 that enables an application to subscribe to IndexedDB queries.